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SLVUSD “Grad Night” 2024 Code of Conduct


This Consent Form must be turned in to the counseling office before Grad Night, or at the check-in table at Grad Night;

You will NOT be allowed in without this signed form.  



  • Grad Night is for SLVHS & Coast Redwood HS, Class of 2024 graduates only.  

  • Leave ALL valuables, including money, at home or locked in your car - no money is needed or accepted once you have entered Grad Night.

  • Graduates MUST enter between 8:00PM to 9:00PM and need to bring a form of ID or have an adult volunteer who can vouch for them.

  • NO outside food or beverages (including water bottles) are allowed.

  • NO backpacks or purses (any size) will be allowed into GN.  They will be checked and stored in the Counseling Office (this includes gifts, packages, etc.).

  • Once the graduate has entered the event, there are NO REFUNDS.

  • Only cameras and cell phones are allowed to be brought into the event area.

  • Graduates will behave in a responsible and respectful manner. This includes using appropriate language at all times, using the trash cans, & respecting the hard work the Grad Night committee has put into this event!  This also includes wearing appropriate clothing at all times.

  • Graduates must stay within the fenced Grad Night area until 3:00AM on Saturday, June 8, 2024; graduates who leave will not be allowed to re-enter.  Graduates who leave before 3 AM will need to have parent permission to do so. 


Laws - these will be STRICTLY enforced:

  • NO tobacco, vaping, marijuana, alcohol or drug products of any kind. 

  • NO firearms, explosives, fireworks or other dangerous items.

  • NO vandalism, theft of any property, personal or public; this includes taking any props, decorations, etc.  All bags will be checked before leaving GN.

  • NO person shall intend to cause or threaten to cause injury to another person.

  • NO verbal abuse, harassment or malicious treatment of any kind shall be made to anyone.


Disregarding any of the above guidelines and laws will result in the sheriff & parents being called; you WILL be removed from Grad Night - NO EXCEPTIONS


         YES, I have read and understood the SLV Grad Night “Code of Conduct”


SLV GRADUATE Name:________________________________________________________

SLV GRADUATE Signature:______________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian - please circle one:

**I DO need to be called if my child leaves before 3 AM: Ph. #__________________________

** I do NOT need to be called if my child leaves before 3 AM


Parent/Guardian Signature:_____________________________________________



In case of an EMERGENCY contact: __________________________________________________________________

                                                                             (NAME)                                   (PHONE #)            

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